John Alvey Turner
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All banjos sold as shown with calf vellum or plastic head fitted, except as detailed in description - please check if unsure. We are happy to change as required but will charge accordingly - please let us know prior to purchase

WE BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE all fretted instruments - guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, Hawaiians, resophonics - in fact, anything cool, interesting or unusual!

Worldwide courier delivery can be arranged at cost.



b/s = back and sides : btn = button : inl = inlaid

fbd = fingerboard : pgd = pickguard : phd = peghead : pce = piece

tpce = tailpiece : t’shell = tortoiseshell

mop = mother of pearl : aba = abalone : adj = adjustable

HC = newer hard case : OHC = original hard case

OSC = original soft or semi-hard case : GB = gig bag


Mint/as new = all original unplayed condition

EC (Excellent Condition) = all original, no repairs/refinish unless noted, some playwear

VGC  (Very Good Condition) = basically all original, may have minor repairs/refinish but no other issues unless noted, moderate playwear

GC (Good Condition) = generally sound, possibly some repairs/refinish, may need work as noted, moderate to heavy playwear

PC (Poor Condition) =  Issues and work required as noted

Clifford Essex

‘New Concert Grand’

c.1930, natural maple, ebony fbd with block inlays, fancy engraved inlays& shield in phd, ‘Whyte Laydie’ style tonering, full resonator & flange, new geared tuners, rare model and fine player, EC, OHC



Clifford Essex

‘New Paragon’

c.1930’s, sunburst maple neck & resonator, ebony fbd with engraved pearl inlays, top tension ‘Paragon’ rim with archtop tonering, nickel pltd metalwork, rare model with 2 repaired cracks in resonator otherwise fine original condition, OHC, VGC



Clifford Essex


c.1920s, spunover rim, nat.mahogany neck, ebony fbd with fancy inlays, period flange and resonator with marquetry star (likely after market addition from CE), newer geared tuners, nice quality jazzer at a reasonable price, EC, OHC



Ibanez “Artist”

(Japan), c.1970s, natural maple, ebony fbd, 'wreath' inlays, chrome pltd hardware, flathead tonering, 2 pce flange, all original and no repairs or damage, a fine Gibson copy at a fraction of the price, EC, HC.




c.1930s, nat.maple, ebony fbd with fancy inlays, patent flathead tonering, geared tuners, replaced resonator, some refinish, easy playing and powerful jazzer, VGC, HC



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